Children’s poems projected on Groningen’s landmarks


Poems written by children will be shown on some of the most iconic landmark buildings of the Dutch city Groningen in the upcoming period. This unique event which aims to encourage children’s creativity is taking place for the second year in a row, under the new name Poetry by Night.

Mayor of Koen Schuiling stated on social media: Poetry by Night: until 6 January you can see children’s poems at various places in the municipality. Esmee’s poem was projected at the Groninger Museum. She wrote it during one of the workshops last week. This way we want to stimulate young people to work with text and language.

Children are encouraged to experiment with language and words through the use of poetry which is thought to have a positive impact on emotional learning. The poems were written by children between the ages of ten and eighteen. The most beautiful poems were chosen by a jury and will be projected on the Groninger Museum as well as on other locations in Groningen’s city center. The theme of this year’s event edition is dreams.

As part of this year’s event, famous Groningen poets Renée Luth and Tjitse Hofman organized workshops at Leon van Gelder, Parcival College, Montessori Lyceum Groningen and CSG Augustinus. In 2019, Luth was elected Groningen’s city poet and tasked with writing poems about the city. This unique position has existed across Dutch cities and municipalities since 2001.

Poetry by Night is organized annually by Poetry Palace, Marketing Groningen and the Municipality of Groningen. Most beautiful verses can also be read on the Groninger Forum, posters on display windows and in buses.

A poem written by the 13-year old Esmee Slobben was projected on the Groninger museum on the opening day of the event. You can read its English translation bellow:

I dream, I dream

That I can fly, fly

Around the world

Through the clouds

Soft as cotton candy


Photo credit: Koen Schuiling/Instagram