Armani as Supporting Founder of Teatro alla Scala Foundation

Italian luxury fashion house, Armani Group, has announced it will become supporting founder of the Milanese theater Teatro alla Scala, the worldwide known institution that has an active role in spreading the art of music in Italy and abroad through the preservation and promotion of its rich musical, artistic and technical heritage.

Their role as supporting founder will be formalized on May 17 during the Assembly of the Teatro alla Scala Foundation, chaired by mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala.

Mayor Giuseppe Sala said: “The inclusion of Giorgio Armani among the supporting founders of La Scala — a cultural institution of utmost prestige — is the realization of a union that was destined to be. And not simply for one reason alone. This is his grand, new act of love toward Milan.”

Mr Giorgio Armani stated: “I certainly could not neglect culture, a sector that has been hit particularly hard with the pandemic. The art has always been put on the back burner during trying times because they don’t immediately appear vital and necessary. And yet they are. Theater, music, ballet are pure expressions of beauty and the highest of human qualities — creativity, ingenuity, imagination, commitment — that stimulate progress and rebirth. This latest initiative is once again dedicated to the city of Milan, for the symbolic value attributed to the institution, but also for my emotional and personal ties related to it, for the memories of the many performances and concerts I have attended; of the distinguished guests I have had the opportunity to dress; of unforgettable experiences, such as the costume creation for Richard Strauss’ “Electra” in 1994, directed by Maestro Sinopoli. Now, more than ever, I feel it is my moral obligation to actively contribute to the support of this prestigious theater — rich heritage of the Milanese and non-Milanese alike, a true symbol of intellectual resistance”.

“La Scala and Giorgio Armani are two symbols of Italy around the world but they are also two deeply Milanese institutions,” stated La Scala’s general manager and artistic director Dominique Meyer. “Being both international and unique, sharing in the same standards and tireless pursuit of beauty and quality, and drawing from the same love of art and fine craftsmanship are what make La Scala and Armani the perfect embodiment of the spirit of this city.”

This is not the first time Armani has shown support of Milan. In particular, over the last 12 months his relationship with this city has grown even stronger – he launched different initiatives to express his closeness to citizens. Photo credit Stefano Guindani/Courtesy of Armani Group