Alicante 2021: Sailing around the World tour

The mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, has signed the agreement for the creation of the Inter-administrative Commission of the event “Alicante 2021. Sailing Around the World Tour”. They will be in charge for developing and implementing all the plans and programs that are going to be promoted and the activities to support the celebration of this event, as well as the management and certification of its expenses.

Mayor Barcala said: “Signing of this agreement takes a definitive step so that Alicante continues to be the departure port for the Sailing Around the World Tour. We will all work together so that the regatta continues for many years in our city as a port of departure, since it is an international event with undoubted benefits both in terms of promotion and from an economic point of view”.

Alicante will again be the departure port for the regatta in 2022 and 2025-26. The event in Alicante will consist of an extensive sports program planned with the start of the race, coastal regattas, schools and other sailing competitions, along with other activities.

This agreement signed by the Alicante City Council will be in force until December 31, 2023, and has been signed along with the Ministry of Finance, the Higher Sports Council, the Generalitat Valenciana, the Alicante Port Authority, the Thematic Projects Society of the Valencian Community and the Foundation of the Valencian Community “Alicante Port of Departure of the Round the World Sailing”, reports

Sailing around the World is the longest sporting competition. It lasts approximately nine months and is usually held between October and November, ending between June and July of the following year. The teams travel more than 70,000 km in stages of three and four weeks at sea with one week stop to recover and repair the boat. It brings together the best ocean sailors and sailing experts.

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