A number of Dublin streets go traffic free during weekends

A number of Dublin City streets went traffic free during last weekend to facilitate outdoor dining. That was just the first out of six weekends in total which will serve as the trial basis.

The feedback was amazing. Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu decided to take a walk and to see by herself how the people are reacting. She said through social media: “This is the thing, Dublin is a community, we just need spaces for our community to hang out. Completely different from last week & well worth visiting.”

Other citizens stated: “Good vibe in town this evening. Pedestrian spaces being used, good traffic management, people of all ages enjoying dedicated eating/drinking spaces as well as free spaces to hang out”, stated Robert Sobbinz.

“It is a wonderful idea, we are enjoying our city once again, as prior to the pandemic. Wishing more of these kind of events to happen and I completely support mayor’s Chu decision for outdoor dining”, said Anne Salmiough.

This strategy is part of the Dublin City Council recovery campaign.

Photo Billy Treacy/Twitter